Hi, my name is Marc Kamerbeek. I’m a Cloud architecture, Devops and Kubernetes specialist with a several of years experience in high performance and high available systems. Analyzing and solving lots of architectural and development problems on daily basis. Current specialization: Kubernetes, Linux/Unix system, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Java, CI/CD, Microservices Architect, Performance monitoring, Docker, Spring Boot, API Gateways, Oauth2 Security, Setup of HA Databases (MongoDB, Postgres). Educating other co-workers. Helping other people forward in discovering new technologies by giving workshops.

My passions are: My family, Mountainbiking, Snowboarding, Programming, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, Distributed scalable systems.

I’m convinced that there is no single ‘silver bullet’ for everything. Prefer using the right tools for the job.